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Drone Volt Hercules 2

The professional drone for surveillance, recognition and inspection

The Hercules 2 is a professional drone for reconnaissance and surveillance that allows you to have a closer and clearer vision to remove doubts and help decision-making.

The Hercules 2 is a professional 1.8Kg mini drone (4S2P battery) with a flight time of about 15 minutes and capable of reaching 90 km / h. It withstands winds up to 40 km / h and can be operated even in moderate rain conditions.

Quiet, with a low audible and visual signature. It can operate in a wide radius with a signal range of up to 2 km. Easily transportable, the Hercules 2 measures just 360mm x 360mm.


Multi-jet fusion structure.

Lightweight and compact

Small UAV, less than 2kg (4.4 lbs) designed to be easily transported.


Flies at speed over 90km/h (55 mph).

Data security

Data encrypted AES 256.
No data access and transfer.

Quick deployment

Ready to go UAV.
No assembly required. Self-locking propellers.

Automatic missions

Easy to use and intuitive dedicated software.

Drone Volt Hercules 2 drone

The Hercules 2 does not require any assembly to start its mission. No need to unfold the arms, it is operational immediately. Its small size makes it extremely compact and easy to transport. Its flight time is 14 min.

Its reinforced multi-jet fusion structure gives the UAV a better rigidity and a high resistance to shocks and able to fly up to 90 km/h. It is resistant to winds up to 40 km/h in moderate rain.

Our priority is the security and confidentiality of your data. We guarantee no access or transfer of your data. The transmission of the Hercules 2 is fully secure and encrypted in AES 256.

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Compatible payload

Q10 F
by Viewpro

The Viewpro Q10F camera is an ultra compact camera that captures photos and videos in very high quality. Equipped with a 4MP 1/3 CMOS sensor, it records HD videos (1080p at 30 FPS) with great image clarity and reduced distortion. It is equipped with a 10x optical zoom (F = 4.9 ~ 49mm), facilitating your different missions.

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Solar panel inspection
Wind turbine inspection
Offshore platform inspection
Pipeline inspection



■ Building inspection
(corrosion, thermal losses, leaks…)
■ Land survey
■ Mapping data
■ Progress monitoring



■ Industrial inspection
■ Transport network inspection
■ Infrastructure maintenance
■ Traffic control
■ Aircraft inspection

security and safety

Security and safety

■ Search and rescue
■ Firefighting monitoring
■ Law enforcement support
■ Civil security

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Sustainable technology

Our drones are based on more sustainable electrical technology.
They generate 0% CO2, in use, and thus help reduce the environmental impact of our partners.