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MouldTech Systems Ltd., in cooperation with Budapest University of Technology has developed a fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicle for the primary application of airborne remote sensing and image processing.

The aircraft is designed to carry various devices and sensors at stable flight speeds of up to 20 m/s.

The aircraft is designed as a 3 metre wingspan bare-wing kite powered by a 1.5 kW electric-powered twin-bladed pusher motor.

Total battery capacity is 48000 mAh.


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Fixed wing drone

The fuselage of the machine contains a multifunctional payload system, which can accommodate a variety of devices, including customized ones. The chamber is 400 mm wide, 180 mm long and 220 mm high.

The aircraft has a gross weight in flight of 25 kg, including the 7 kg payload.

It currently flies at 24,8 kg, i.e. less than 20 decagrams of the total permissible weight.

The aircraft has an optimum working speed of 20 m/s, a flight time of more than 3 hours and a range of 250 kilometres.

It can take off from a folding automatic launching station and land with a parachute or on its belly.