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Climatic analysis to increase efficiency, and safety of drone operations- strategic planning.

Nowadays, drone technology is an integral part of daily life. Unmanned aerial systems are deployed from industrial, agricultural, surveillance applications, through remote sensing solutions, to aerial photography and government operations. Services provided with drones have a competitive, or even advantageous pricing compared to classical solutions.

While drones have many advantages, one must not forget, that due to their propulsion, and size characteristics, UAV-s are usually more sensitive to environmental factors compared to competing solutions. As such, it is vital for solution providers to not only optimise their products for the application, and regulation side requirements, but also for the environmental, climatic environment.

Sky meteorology

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Complex solution

Built in close cooperation with the Budapest University of Technology and the National University of Public Service, the system uses a special drone built by MouldTech Systems Ltd. and the infrastructure behind it to provide autonomous vehicle operators with more accurate weather forecasts than ever before.

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