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Drone Volt Hercules 20

The ultimate professional solution for high payload capacity

With an innovative design the Hercules 20 is a rugged and versatile platform. No matter if you are using it for agriculture, construction, security, surveillance, inspection or surveying, Hercules 20 is the perfect companion to achieve aerial applications.

Fully customizable thanks to its accessories (spray, camera, etc ..) but also to it’s ability to carry payloads and heavy sensors.

The Hercules 20 is the ultimate tool for any type of mission.

High payload capacity

Lift any type of playloads up to 15kg.


Extremly durable, build to last.

Longer flight time

Up to 40 minutes.

Drone Volt H20

The carbon fiber frame and anodize aluminium fasteners make the Hercules 20 extremely resistant to various flight conditions. Therefore it resists to a 22m deformation. It means, it can carry up to 15 kg (33 lbs) payload.

With its 2 extra batteries the Hercules 20 is a highly versatile platform and a heavy lifter system having great endurance capabilities. The Hercules 20 can fly up to 40 minutes in a wide range of operating conditions.

Our drone’s compact design makes it extremely easy to store and to carry. With its 4 removable arms and landing gear, the Hercules 20 measures less than 60% of its operational size. Compact but powerful: a unique ultra compact drone with high playload capacity.

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Compatible payloads
WohnderJet Agro H20

Jet Agro H20

WohnderJet Agro H20 is one of the world’s most effective and precise agricultural spraying system. It can reduce the quantity of neccessary water up to 90% and chemicals compared to the traditional technolgies.


Pensar camera

Pensar SDK Camera

Pensar is the fastest, most power-efficient embedded AI powered camera dedicated for professionals. It integrates a Sony 30x zoom HD camera, an IR Flir Boson and an AI computing device, Nvidia Jetson TX2 GPU. Detect, track, recognize, annotate in real time with the double spectrum Pensar camera with embedded GPU.

Flir duo pro r

Pro R

The new FLIR Duo™ Pro R combines a high resolution, radiometric thermal imager, 4K color camera, and a full suite of on-board sensors to bring you the most powerful dual-sensor imaging solution in the world for small commercial drones. The FLIR Duo™ Pro R transforms any airframe into an industrial tool, expanding its value and uses.

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Solar panel inspection
Wind turbine inspection
Offshore platform inspection
Pipeline inspection



■ Building inspection
(corrosion, thermal losses, leaks…)
■ Land survey
■ Mapping data
■ Progress monitoring



■ Industrial inspection
■ Transport network inspection
■ Infrastructure maintenance
■ Traffic control
■ Aircraft inspection

security and safety

Security and safety

■ Search and rescue
■ Firefighting monitoring
■ Law enforcement support
■ Civil security

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Sustainable technology

Our drones are based on more sustainable electrical technology.
They generate 0% CO2, in use, and thus help reduce the environmental impact of our partners.