WohnderDrone Agro A10
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WohnderDrone A10

Lean farming spraying drone with WohnderJet CDA nozzles

WohnderDrone A10 is the newest member of the WohnderDrone lean farming tool family, entirely developed in-house. The world’s first spraying drone, which comes with the latest, fully professionalised version of the WohnderJet precision CDA sprayer head, based on a Hungarian patent.

With the WohnderJet nozzle, the amount of water and chemicals currently used can be reduced to an unimaginable extent compared to conventional spraying technologies, with similar or better efficiency. With WohnderJet, precision farming with a lean approach is put into practice, where the right product is applied at the right place, at the right time and in the right quantity.

WohnderDrone A10 makes the benefits of WohnderJet technology available to everyone.


Up to ten hectares per hour.
Cost-effective operation.

Simple and lightweight

It weighs only 11 kilograms without its replaceable battery. Easy to transport.

Cutting edge technology

Third generation WohnderJet spraying nozzle.
Onboard AI.

Safe to use

Equipped with FPV camera and radar obstacle avoidance system.

Quick installation

Improved flight planning.
D-RTK base station with intelligent return function.

WohnderDrone services

Hungary-based service center.
Practice-oriented education and after sales support.

With its ten-litre tank, easy-to-open arms and simple-to-use software, the A10 spraying drone can be up and running almost instantly. It can spray up to ten hectares per hour. Its single 16000 mAh battery is easily replaceable. The included two-bay battery charger minimises waiting time between deployments.

Our engineers focused on safe and comfortable operation. The A10‘s easy-to-use control software makes flight planning a breeze, and on-board artificial intelligence is also responsible for real-time obstacle avoidance during flight. 

Thanks to its advanced radar security sensors and reflector camera, the vehicle is ready for night operations. Thanks to its on-board computer, it can also be used for swarm flying. RTK-based precision work and intelligent spray control ensure accurate and efficient work.

The A10 is also capable of outstanding performance in a variety of plant cultures, whether in forest, field or orchard environments.

The unique capabilities of the A10 are brought to life by the self-developed WohnderDrone application. The software comes pre-installed on the tablet included with the drone. The easy-to-use app provides stable communication between the drone, the base station and the controller. In addition to real-time monitoring, it also provides the possibility to stop, resume and repeat the flight.

At the end of the operations, you can see a detailed analysis of the deployment. The application is continuously updated according to user needs and legal requirements, so WohnderDrone A10 will continue to guarantee reliable operation with the best possible performance.

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Equipped with four, third generation WohnderJet spraying nozzle

The third and improved generation of the proprietary spray head, based on WohnderJet technology, guarantees more impressive and unique results in terms of droplet size homogeneity than ever before.

WohnderJet spray nozzles can drastically reduce the amount of pesticides released into the environment – which are often harmful in the long term -, while significantly increasing the farm’s return on investment and water management efficiency.

Homogenisation of the juice volume (proprietary patent) and further developed CDA technology allow for an almost perfectly uniform spray pattern with 95% of droplets of the same size.

Due to the specific characteristics of drone spraying, trampling damage is completely eliminated, and the forced waiting (up to several weeks) caused by rain and the previously difficult access to the tables are not disrupted.

The efficiency of the WohnderJet A10 can be further enhanced by spot treatment spraying, which can be planned in real time using an image from a drone with a multispectral survey camera that can be attached to the system.

The WohnderJet Agro spraying system is also compatible with conventional agricultural machinery, so it can be easily integrated into your existing fleet!

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Arable land

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Sustainable technology

Our drones are based on more sustainable electrical technology.
They generate 0% CO2, in use, and thus help reduce the environmental impact of our partners.